Who we are

Blockchain Beginners is the combination of brains (and beards!) pictured on the left. We started with a simple vision: Take crypto and Blockchain technology to the masses.

Alastair and Angus (left, right) are not actually brothers as many who meet them think, and run Blockchain Beginners because of a shared passion for bringing people together. They have extensive experience in technical communication, events planning and community building. They have also been known to enjoy a beer along the way.

What we do

While those who are already on the scene are talking about zk-SNARKS and replay protection, those with no prior knowledge can often be left high and dry. We provide easily accessible introductions to blockchain concepts and technologies to a range of audiences at fun, engaging events.

Angus and Alastair have become sought after speakers due to their success on the London tech scene and have been invited to speak at Universities around the UK, and meetup and conference events around the world!

Upcoming Events

For an up-to-date list of all our upcoming events, check us out over at Meetup.com. Or if you want to chat about all things blockchain then feel free to join in the conversation on any of our socials at the top and bottom of this page.

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